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Official Graduate!

Like I’ve already said a few times, 3 years flew by in the speed of light. Still remember vividly, 3 years ago on the very first day of year 1 I was like “I’ve got no friends here (from secondary school back then).. this isn’t what i really wanna do.. Shall just wait for the graduation day”. Now after these 3 years, I take back what I then said. These 3 years have indeed been the best days of my life.

Poly life has changed me big time. It has widened my knowledge, broaden my mindset, thought me to be patient with people around (though at times we still snap at that 1 or 2 but then they did deserve it all) and on the whole it has made me a better person.

Though many at a times I have hoped and wished that I had been in a more bonded and united class all the peeps in the pic above have made DCEM01 such a memorable and fun journey. Thank you each and every one so so so much for making my 3 years such a joyful, awesome and memorable one. These memories will always hold a special my heart and be reminised. A special mentioned to HX and Amira. Thanks a million to you both for making these even more fun and laughter filled, being there for me when I was in need and whenever I needed opinions a listening ear. I also wanna say sorry if I have hurt or offended anyone with my words, actions or bitchyness.

Now everyone are moving to the next stage of our lifes. For some it may be crystal clear of what they are gonna do next while a few others may be a little unsure, all that I’ll say is don’t rush into anything and listen to your heart.

Remember this is not the end, it’s just the begining.     

P.S: Clique, you guys better spare me a few Saturdays in the next 4 months. haha

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